The Alinea Group Raises the Bar

An Event for Kirkland & Ellis

Arriving in the thriving West Loop to three entrances, tented off from the bustling neighborhood you find that you are back in school…literally. Is this a party or the DMV? At the front of the line you are issued your Student ID, a number 2 pencil, a map, and a scantron. This is not “the bar” you are expecting.

Once inside the culinary wonders take center stage. This is, after all, a party. But amongst the delicious cocktails and surprising dishes are a series of playful tests. Can you successfully argue your case in The Courtroom? Can you make a cocktail from a recipe written in legalese? Will you be an accurate witness to the Rashomon event that accelerates the pulse of the night? Curated by The Alinea Group and Writer’s Theater, this will be a most intriguing exam of wits and wonder.

A gauntlet of nightmarish bar exams flanks the entrance to The Courtroom.

A surreal Courtroom features magician Dennis Watkins as judge.

an entrance papered with bar exam study guides opens onto the courtroom.

Glowing flowers vining along doorways and walls guide guests to hidden locations.