Southern Gothic

Designed by Brass Ink’s Scott Davis, Southern Gothic is an immersive theatre piece produced by Windy City Playhouse. This experience invites an audience into a fully-designed southern home as guests at a cocktail party in the 1960s. Audience members stroll through the house, drink in hand, listening in on conversations and going where their interest takes them. Guests are encouraged to peek into drawers, eat cocktail party snacks, and explore the replete contents of the house for a fuller experience of the narrative.

Kitchen SG copy.jpg
design boards

design boards

The largest and biggest looming character of the whole affair is the house itself courtesy of Scott Davis’ scenic design and Eleanor Kahn’s props. The outside of a two-story home, its first floor and small backyard patio have been created with meticulous attention to detail. Kitchen cupboards contain period-appropriate Welch’s jelly jar glasses, dinnerware and packaged foods. A closet contains vintage coats and suitcases. All rooms are tastefully decorated with period-appropriate furniture, too. Window seats are placed along side many walls, so scenes can be watched from those perches or even through the home’s many glass-less windows. The audience is limited to only 28 patrons, and from the onset, as Ellie and Beau go about their final party preparations, you’re encouraged to explore the home.
— Misha Davenport - Chicago Sun Times

Written by: Leslie Liautaud

Director: David H. Bell

Set Design: Scott Davis

Prop Design: Eleanor Kahn

Light Design: Becca Jeffords

Costume Design: Elsa Hiltner

Photos: Michael Brosilow